The truth is that payroll management is a minefield and that the fastest way to fall out with your staff is to get their pay wrong. Try reclaiming a few weeks or months over-payments and you’ll see what we mean! If you really want to learn about child maintenance deductions, Class 1A National Insurance and the vagaries and implications of jury service then be our guest, but if you want to get on with running your business whilst we do the back office work why not talk to us instead?

What We’ll Do

For a start we’ll make sure that your payroll is correct and on time…every time. We can do everything online using our own or your existing software, and we can organise bank to bank payroll payments on your behalf. We can give your employees full access to their own pay details on line and sort out Year End payments, P60s and P11Ds. In fact take another look at the Government’s Payroll Advice page…that’s what we’ll look after for you!

Why not give us a ring on 0117 971 7373 to discuss your particular payroll requirements? You could end up saving yourself an awful lot of time and money!

There’s no way out. Auto-enrolment doesn’t just apply to businesses, it applies to anyone who has at least one member of staff, which could be you if you employ someone directly to work for you. If you have a regular cleaner, or a personal care assistant or nanny you’re an employer and auto-enrolment applies to you. You’re legally bound to make sure that your employees are enrolled into what is called a ‘working place pension’. If you don’t and for whatever reason you miss your staging date, the date by which you have to have enrolled your employees, you could be fined up to £400 per day. Yes, per day.

Not What It Says
Sadly, auto-enrolment does not mean that you’re automatically enrolled. It’s actually quite a complex procedure, and choosing the right scheme and then enrolling in it takes time and expertise. The good news is that we can take the pain out of the whole process and manage it for you, linking it to your payroll as required.

If you have any doubts about whether you’re an employer or not and need advice or help…give us a ring on 0119 318 2108 or use the contact form. We’re here to help or take a moment to have a look at the Government’s helpful Payroll advice page, you’ll find it at When you’ve recovered you may want to give us a ring to see how we can help…